2018 Events

Simply French Valentine’s Day at Bleu, FEBRUARY 14, 2018,

Reservations Starting at 5pm


The Menu




Choice of One

Escargots a la Bourguignonne

Lobster Bisque with Sherry

Foie Gras Two Ways



Frisée and Radicchio, Walnut and Apple Salad


Choice of One

New Zealand Rack of Lamb

Five Chops, Seared, Dijon Rosemary Au Jus

Filet Oscar

Beef Tenderloin Stuffed with Crabmeat, Béarnaise Sauce

Lobster Au Gratin

14 oz. Maine Lobster Tail, Cut in Half, Filled with Chunks of Lobster,

Topped with Shrimp Stuffing and Sherry-ed Lobster Cream Sauce

Slow Roasted Canard a l’Orange

All-Natural, 1/2 Pekin Duckling, Roasted Crispy, Sweet & Savory Orange Sauce


 Chocolate Marquise

Rich Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake served with seedless Raspberry Coulis

$80 per person, Plus Tax and Gratuity

Call 239-565-1608 Reservations starting at 5pm


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